The PMI Academy - an excellent start

About the PMI Academy

The Cluster of Excellence PMI aims to acquire the best young talents and creates excellent training and career opportunities for them. The PMI Academy is the central structure for activities promoting young researchers. Forming part of the PMI Academy is the Clinician-Scientist-Programm, which specifically promotes researching clinicians.

The measures implemented by the PMI Academy are based on the training needs of young scientists and clinicians at various stages of their careers. They are designed to promote the scientific and personal further development, national and international networking and independence of the young scientists. These measures include seminars, regular meet-ups and retreats organized by the young scientists themselves, summer schools, cluster lectures and mentoring.

Research grant for Cluster Young Scientists

The one crucial experiment that is still missing from the project but cannot be funded by normal grants. Or the one experiment that, if successful, could be groundbreaking - these are the projects that the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" would like to make possible with its 2021 funding for young researchers. The tender has been completed.

funded projects 2021

Young Scientist Retreats

The cluster’s young researchers before and after obtaining their PhD, organize annual Young Scientist Retreats themselves. These retreats provide them with the opportunity to further develop their scientific, methodological and social skills as well as exchange ideas with colleagues from other research groups and specialist fields.

The next Young Scientist Retreat

No news available.

Cluster Lecture

Cluster lectures offer contact to international cutting-edge research. Exceptional scientists from Germany and abroad present their research topics and exchange ideas with the cluster’s early career researchers. There is the opportunity to speak with renowned guests in person at get-togethers after the lectures. This is a direct and uncomplicated way to make contacts for joint research projects or research stays.

Prior to the cluster lectures, clinician scientists meet the scientists invited to speak (Cluster Grand Rounds), which enables a direct and uncomplicated exchange of ideas.

Baltic Summer School

In order to promote exchange between the young scientists themselves, the cluster organizes Baltic Summer Schools twice during the funding phase in cooperation with the University of Copenhagen and the University of Tartu, among others. These events are organized by the young researchers themselves and consolidate an important research area of the cluster.


Previous Baltic Summer School

  • September 29 to October 2, 2019, Ebberup, Denmark
    Autumn School on the Role of the Microbiome in Complex Metabolic and Inflammatory Diseases
    A joint event by Kiel University and the University of Copenhagen as well as the Cluster of Excellence PMI and the Danish Diabetes Academy. 
    Program (pdf)


The PMI Mentoring program starts in 2021 to provide individual further training for PhD students, postdocs and clinician scientists . It will not only serve to advance scientific careers but is also designed to help individuals master the high demands of a competition-based research environment and develop leadership qualities.



    Structured doctoral program

    With currently eight research training groups and/or collaborative projects in PMI research areas at the host institutions, exceptional doctoral researchers are offered a perfect research environment to work in. They benefit from the accompanying study program and excellent supervision; they have many opportunities for cooperation and interdisciplinary exchange and forge contacts for their future careers.

    Graduate centers

    The partner institutions with their specialized institutions also offer support for doctoral students in the cluster: