Careers at the Cluster of Excellence PMI

An excellent start: The PMI Academy

PMI Academy

The Cluster of Excellence PMI offers young researchers before and after completing their doctoral degrees excellent starting conditions for an academic career with its exceptionally well-equipped laboratories and inspiring environment.The PMI Academy bundles all measures targeted at young scientists at various stages of their careers, for example, Master’s students, doctoral researchers and postdocs. 

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The cluster focuses, in particular, on training and supporting clinicians that are also doing scientific research. Within the structured Clinician-Scientist-Program PMI, the specialist medical training is closely interlinked with scientific research.  

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Junge Forscherin erklärt vier Forschern einen Sachverhalt

Equal Opportunities

As part of the Dorothea-Erxleben-program for equality, the cluster offers various funding measures especially for women scientists. In order to promote the excellent research of female scientists in the cluster, the highly endowed Dorothea-Erxleben-Awards for female researchers are announced every three years.

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