Research areas of PMI

Research- and Technology Fields (RTFs)

The ten Research and Technology Fields (RTFs) cover the most important technology platforms and fundamental research areas. They deal with aspects such as sequencing, model systems, biobanks, bioinformatics and data management. At the same time, they support other cluster members and are essential to their research.


Target Innovation Projects (TIs)

The Target Innovation Projects (TIs) are four preclinical projects which are characterized by their high-risk and particularly innovative technology components. The goal is to subsequently implement these preclinical projects into clinical care.


Clinical Demonstrators (CDs)

In five Clinical Demonstrators (CDs), clinical trials are prepared which investigate the benefits and the applicability of precision medicine in inflammation. The main goal is to confirm principles clinically in patients, which have previously been discovered in preclinical experiments in the laboratory (proof-of-principle). The focus of the CDs is on unmet clinical needs, for which the cluster members have already developed a potential diagnostic tool or therapeutic principle during the previous cluster, which is supported by strong preclinical data.


Isolation of immune cells from blood