Clinician Scientists

The promotion of clinician scientists plays a central role in the Cluster of Excellence PMI. There is a deficit throughout Germany of these specialists who research at an internationally-competitive level, and have a foothold in the clinic at the same time.

Therefore, in the "Clinician Scientist Program", the cluster supports selected young clinicians during their specialist medical training, and gives them "protected" i.e. clinic-free time for their research. The clinician scientists receive comprehensive, structured training in innovative clinical and fundamental research, for which they are exempted from healthcare duties on a pro rata basis.

In addition, the Cluster of Excellence PMI also supports the careers of already-established researching clinicians. As senior clinician scientists, selected researching clinicians, who are already working as specialists in the clinic, also get protected time for their research in order to participate in cluster projects. Thus they have the opportunity to pursue their own research projects and to establish a junior research group.