Work in the PMI environment

The Cluster of Excellence PMI and its partner institutions offer an inspiring working environment for scientists from all over the world. The research groups are always happy to receive excellent applications to expand their research team.

Please send your application directly to the respective research group at the institution you are interested in.


Open positions

Within the BMBF funded research consortium iTREAT, a PostDoc position is available at the Systems Immunology group of the Institute of Clinical Molecular Biology.

Forschungszentrum Borstel: Leibniz Lungenzentrum

In the proposed Master project, it will be investigated a new integrative approach to study membrane bound and/or integrated effector proteins applying biophysics, mass spectrometry and lipidomics. As model system there will be investigated the secretory protein complex ESAT-6/CFP 10 of M. tuberculosis.

Forschungszentrum Borstel: Leibniz Lungenzentrum

The Borstel Research Center is looking for a postdoctoral researcher for the scientific promotion of an innovative DFG research project (JA 1007/2-3) on the identification of allergenic lipo-proteins/epitopes of natural allergen sources as well as complementary factors influencing sensitization pathways and severity of symptoms.

The T lymphocyte landscape during breast cancer immunotherapy and other disease conditions.