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Large genomic analysis highlights COVID-19 risk factors

An international collaboration uncovers several genetic markers associated with SARS-CoV-2 infection or COVID-19 severity.

Remains of a skull bone

Plague case 5000 years ago in Latvia: No evidence of an epidemic at the time

A research team from Kiel University in Germany has found new clues to the evolution of the pathogen, based on DNA from a 5000-year-old plague case.

Mann und Frau an Laborbank

Cluster of Excellence PMI funds projects of its young researchers with more than 850,000 euros

22 projects of the cluster's young scientists were selected by an external team of reviewers.


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"Frontiers in Microbiome Research"

"T cell subsets and their signature cytokines in autoimmune kidney diseases"

Zhanju Liu, Tongji University, Shanghai/China