Guest Lecture: Diversity in the team as a necessary condition factor for excellence

In frame of the Diversity Week at CAU Kiel, the Clusters of Excellence PMI and ROOTS present:

„Diversity in the team as a necessary condition factor for excellence”, Prof. Dr. Andrea Bührmann, University of Göttingen.

For some time now, diversity strategies have not only been designed and implemented to achieve greater effectiveness or more equalopportunities. Rather, diversity strategies are intended to ensure greater creativity and innovative strength, particularly in universities and research institutions. This so-called 'excellence case' is presented in its central determinant and its opportunities and risks are then discussed.”

For several years now, Prof. Bührmann has been supporting different international and national businesses, universities and municipalities in conceptualising, implementing and evaluating diversity strategies. Prof. Bührmann is auditor of the Stifterverband’s „Diversity Audit“ for the development and implementation of university specific diversity strategies.In October 2021, Andrea D. Bührmann was elected spokesperson for the State Working Group of Institutions for Women's and Gender Studies in Lower Saxony (LAGEN). Since October 2023, she is the elected chairperson of the University Council of the University of Erfurt, of which she has been a member since October 2023.

May 27th, 2024, 04.00-06.00 pm, Olshausenstraße 75, 24118 Kiel, Hans-Heinrich-Driftmann-Hörsaal (former “Hörsaal 3”)