Cluster Lecture: Sidharta Sinha

Top class scientists from all over the world visit the cluster of excellence PMI

  • Lecturer: Sidharta Sinha, Stanford University Medical Center/USA
  • Date: May 18th, 2021, 5 p.m.
  • Place: tbd
  • For:  all members of the cluster of excellence, especially young scientists

About Sidharta Sinha:

As a practicing gastroenterologist and researcher specializing in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), a disease without medical cure and whose pathogenesis is incompletely understood, Prof. Sidharta Sinha is keenly aware of the resultant limitations and risks of existing IBD therapies. It is precisely this need—the need to offer patients improved treatment options by better understanding the underlying causes of IBD and its impact on patients—that motivates him and is a focus of his research. With a unique background with formal training in Biodesign (medical technology assessment and development) and postdoctoral training in translational immunology, he is particularly interested in developing and applying novel solutions to alleviate intestinal inflammatory conditions.