"Best of the year 2023" symposium

The year 2024 started in the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" (PMI) with a review of the best research work from 2023 by young scientists in the Cluster. Around 60 Cluster members met at the Research Center Borstel on Tuesday, 16.01.24. Five young researchers from different disciplines presented their high-ranking published work from 2023 and took part in the discussion with the other Cluster members. The following presented: Dr. Andrey Pravdivtsev, Dr. Gabriela Rios Martini, Dr. Malte Rühlemann, Dr. Carina Saggau and Dr. Tatiana Sezin.

As part of the symposium, Prof. Stefan Rose-John was awarded honorary membership of the Cluster of Excellence PMI, with the Cluster spokesperson Prof. Stefan Schreiber symbolically presenting him with the Cluster's badge of honor. The biochemist Rose-John is regarded worldwide as an outstanding expert on IL-6 and its signaling pathways. He was a founding member of the predecessor cluster "Inflammation at Interfaces" in 2009 and has been an active cluster member ever since.

Afterwards, the cluster members met for an exchange over fresh pasta and wine in the dining room of the old Borstel manor house.