Second round of applications for the Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chairs 2022/2023

The second round for the Schleswig-Holstein Excellence Chairs was advertised from 22.09.2022 to 04.11.2022. The selection was carried out in a two-stage procedure (in accordance with the agreement (Section 7/Annex 2) on the formation of the joint institution PHSH according to Section 18 (3) of the HSG).


Stage 1
  • Application by full professors from Kiel University (CAU) and the University of Lübeck (UzL)
    -> Preliminary coordination by the internal advisory committee (PHSH steering group) and representatives of the University Boards from both universities according to scientific criteria
    -> Selection of candidates by the external advisory committee (PHSH scientific advisory board) – and, if necessary for stage 2, consultation of additional external experts Invitation to submit concepts

Documents to be submitted for stage 1:

a.           Curriculum Vitae
b.           List of publications
c.           Overview of current and completed projects funded by third parties
d.           A statement about personal scientific development to date and the influence
               of the applicant's own research results on scientific discussion in his/her particular
               field as well as future prospects.

There are no specifications regarding the number of pages, font, spacing, etc. The recommended language is English.

Stage 2
  • Selected candidates submit their concepts (6 weeks to do so)
    -> The internal advisory committee conveys its appraisal to the external advisory committee
    -> Selection interviews by the external advisory committee
    -> The external advisory committee produces a final ranking list
    -> The University Boards from both universities appoint the new SH Excellence Chairs.

More information about stage 2:

  • The deadline for submitting concepts is Thursday 27 April 2023. Any concepts that are submitted later will not be considered.
  • The funding application should consist of a concept outlining the following points:
    1. A research plan with the main preliminary results achieved by the applicant or third parties
    2. How the research environment will be improved with the funding
    3. How this funding serves to strengthen PMI
    4. How this funding should contribute towards achieving or expanding leading international positions
    5. Which procedures and measures of a non-material or material nature the Chair will use to promote the academic development of the proposed W1/W2
  • The concept should be written in English and the main scope must not exceed 10 pages (Arial, 11pt, 1.5 line spacing); attachments are permitted. Use the given headings (1-5).
  • The external advisory committee’s selection meeting is on Monday 3 July 2023. There is the possibility for the external advisory committee to verbally communicate with the applicants. Please keep the date free, just in case.


Stage 1
22. September - 4. November 2022Advertisement in DIE ZEIT, with a 6-week application deadline
Mid-March 2023First meeting of the external advisory committee to select candidates for stage 2 for the call to submit concepts
Stage 2
27. April 2023Deadline to submit concepts
03. July 2023On-site selection meeting by the external advisory committee with interviews