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The artificial molecule IC7

A designer molecule to combat type 2 diabetes

The DNA of the intestinal bacteria is extracted from stool samples.

A Kiel-based research team has been able to show that changes in the composition of intestinal bacteria in those with type 2 diabetes is linked more…

Laboratory of the Competence Centre for Genome Analysis Kiel

Members of the Cluster of Excellence "Precision Medicine in Chronic Inflammation" (PMI) have developed a new approach for personalized medicine in…

Logo Biomap. Part of a fingerprint.

Dermatologist from Kiel coordinates large-scale European project to investigate inflammatory skin diseases

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Researchers from the Cluster of Excellence PMI and Charité have uncovered a critical mechanism that controls immune reactions against microorganisms…

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Members of the Cluster of Excellence PMI have decoded a mechanism, how specific intestinal microbiota exacerbate inflammatory diseases at other body…

Small intestine mucosa, shown here with 400x magnification under the microscope.

A study by the Cluster of Excellence "Inflammation at Interfaces" finds a new mechanism by which DNA repair protects the genome and prevents the…

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